12 Heart Attack Symptoms and Early Warning Signs


Signs and symptoms of a heart attack can include chest pain, nausea and arm pain.

Each year, in the world; about 1,735,000 people suffer an MI or myocardial infarction which is the medical name given to heart attacks.

Cardiovascular disease is the first cause of men and women’s mortality in the world. Heart attacks cause the ventricles to fibrillate (ventricular fibrillation) which is fatal if the victim cannot reach an emergency room in time.

If the victim reaches an emergency room in time however, their prognosis is excellent. With modern treatments, the rate of survival from a heart attack exceeds 90%. The remaining 1% to 10% of the heart attack victims do not make it and usually pass due to too much initial damage to the heart muscle or because of secondary complications.

There is a lot of advancement in treatment options for MIs, procedures such as coronary angiograms and coronary angioplasties as well as clot dissolving drugs can rapidly open blocked arteries and restore circulation to the suffering muscle. These treatments should be given very early however, in order to limit the extent of the damage done to the heart muscle.

While having a heart attack, blood pressure can either be low, normal or high; which makes it an unreliable measure and symptom of heart attacks.

Before we go into the symptoms let’s first go over cardiac arrest vs a heart attack. Start slideshow below to get started


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