25 Foods To Never Let Your Dog Eat


We all love our pets, sometimes we can love them to the point of treating them like tiny baby humans. While that’s certainly admirable and sweet; it can be dangerous when we give in to their big sad eyes and little cries every time they see and want human food.

While there’s nothing wrong to giving your pet their favorite treat every once in a while; actual human food can be toxic for them and even cause death. This was sadly the case as many doggies’ deaths were reported because of some chemicals such as xylitol or peanut butter which can be toxic for dogs.

This is why it’s very important to educate yourself on which foods to give to your doggie and which to absolutely avoid. Here are 25 foods that your dog should never eat:

#25. Onions and chives

Image Credit: Ping Ming Health

If consumed in large quantities, chives can cause stomach problems and anemia.


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